Computer Repair & Help

·         Diagnose & troubleshoot


Computer Tune-up

·         Increase speed and performance of your computer

·         Perform system cleanup and defragmentation

·         Get rid of any unnecessary programs

·         Cleanup physical hardware


Data Back-up or Transfer

·         Backup data to an external hard drive

·         Backup data to the cloud


New Computer Setup

·         Perform system updates

·         Remove unwanted programs

·         Help setup user accounts

·         Test hardware and software functionality


Virus Removal & Cleanup

·         Troubleshoot one computer

·         Perform a full-system sweep for all viruses, spyware, and malware

·         Remove viruses, spyware, and malware if present

·         Repair related OS issues

·         Install supplied antivirus and antispyware software


Software Install or Uninstall

·         Ensure compatibility and install software

·         Perform any necessary software updates

·         Set up any relevant shortcuts

·         Uninstall unwanted software when applicable


Printer Setup

·         Connect to wi-fi network if applicable

·         Set up a local printer

·         Configure and test printer functionality

·         Demonstrate proper printer functionality


Email or Online Account Setup or Support

·         Troubleshoot or setup one active email account

·         Configure account settings and features

·         Demonstrate webmail functionality


Computer Training

·         Give overviews of Mac or Windows

·         Review basic OS navigation

·         Review web browser basics


OS (Operating System) Install or Re-install

·         Install or Re-install on operating system on one computer (OS discs are required and will not be supplied)

·         Ensure that all necessary drivers have been installed

·         Make sure system is up to date

·         Verify the system is functioning properly


Printer Troubleshooting or Repair

·         Troubleshoot printer issue

·         Perform necessary printer repairs

·         Ensure printer is functioning properly


Computer Hard Drive Reset

·         Wipe a computer clean of existing data

·         Backup data

·         Transfer data

·         If data back-up is needed, please have an adequate external hard drive available

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